Commercial Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Billabong Pools is a Western Australian Company owned and operated by Graeme Allen. Graeme has been designing, making, installing and maintaining fibreglass swimming pools for over 35 years. Recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the designer and maker of the world’s largest fibreglass swimming pool, Graeme is renowned around Australia for his skills, commitment to service and integrity.

Billabong Pools is a proudly Western Australian company. Our fibreglass pools are manufactured here on site in the Perth suburb of Midvale, Western Australia and are transported in one piece to site. We have delivered and installed pools at many sites in the around Perth in throughout the Pilbara region and Canberra.

Our after sales maintenance service ensures that potentially destructive problems are spotted and attended to before they can cause damage. We are so confident of our designs and installation that we give a twenty-five year warranty on all our swimming pools. And we make sure that our maintenance service is as good as our word, with prompt attention to all our customers’ pool needs.

Billabong Pools is the only company in the world with the knowledge and ability to produce fibreglass pools on the scale we do. But we don’t just make great pools of all sizes. We install, and we maintain the pools we make.

One of the reasons our pools have brought such satisfaction to our customers is that we do our own installation, and we’re very good at it. We’re fast, and we coordinate our work with that of other trades that may be active at the site. Our pools remain water–tight because we ensure that they are resting on foundations, which will not subside, setting up destructive stresses in the fibreglass.

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Midvale WA
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41 Gratwick Street
Port Headland WA
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