At Billabong Pools, we don’t just make Australia’s best fibreglass pools. One of the secrets of our success is that we keep our pool installations in the family. We install our own pools, meaning that we can assure our Perth & Pilbara clients of years of satisfaction and leak free use.

It starts with preparation of the cavity, compacting the earth to prevent subsidence from setting up stresses which, over time, can become destructive. We at Billabong Pools have been installing swimming pools in Perth and around WA for over 35 years, and our wealth of experience has produced a record of service, and a list of happy customers, of which we are very proud.

Then there is the transport of the pool to the customer’s site. A fibreglass swimming pool must be delivered with an absolute minimum of en route shocks and stresses, if the risk of damaging flaws is to be avoided. We use special heavy vehicles for our deliveries and are at low speed, in the hands of expert drivers.

Creating a leak free swimming pool installation requires extensive experience. Many problems don’t emerge until some years after purchase, but can be traced back to inexperienced installation. We are so confident of our pool installations that we offer a twenty five year warranty on all our pools. We back it up with regular inspections and maintenance, so that any problems are identified and attended to before they can cause damage.

Expert installation – It’s just one of the reasons that many of Perth’s larger companies buy Billabong Pools.


Transport and Production

Transportation is the most important factor in dealing with Ceramic Fibre Glass Pools as they do not take constant moving or high speeds that many trucks develop. At Billabong Pools, all Swimming Pools are transported on specific pool trailers and at low speeds, taking longer but looking after the product the entire way.

All Billabong Pools are manufactured at the Midvale complex where competent staff on a non-contract basis, build the designs from scratch. With products that are Lloyds of London accredited all designs are backed with a quality policy ensuring tests are carried out through each process, providing you the best that money can buy

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